Twitch Poker Streaming Report: Consumption Up 16.8% since February 2021

by David Burke - Thursday, April 8th, 2021 3:41

top Twitch Poker-Streamers

Broadcasters in the poker directory continue to set new records.

Despite having less streamers (-19.9%) in March, The poker directory was up almost 17% in terms of hours viewed compared to last month.

An analysis of the poker category on Twitch for March 2021 revealed the following:

March 2021 Poker Category Statistics

  • Hours of poker watched on Twitch: 7,011,830 (+16.8% on February)
  • Hours of poker broadcast: 96,550 (-10.8% on February)
  • Average Monthly viewers: 9,437 (+ 5.5%)
  • Average Poker channels: 129 (-19.9% on February)
  • Viewer ratio 72.6 (+30.9% on February)
  • Max viewers 86,549 (+4.8% on February)
  • Poker Broadcasters 5,429 (+5.8% on February – with 299 new streamers)
  • Lowest # of channels : 40 (On Monday 15th March)
  • Peak Channels: 393 (On Sunday 21st March)
  • Peak Twitch Poker Viewers in March: 84,347

English, Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Italian were the all represented in streams, however English was spoken in ~ 45% of March poker streams.

Top Poker Streamers March 2021

TheĀ  Runitup channel (which streams old poker events) gained the most followers (2902) in poker on Twitch during the month while streaming poker.

The top ten streamers in March are all partnered with except for Winamax Poker.

Top 10 Poker streamers March 2021

top ten poker streamers, march 2021

David Burke