Pokerstars Revamps Poker Rewards Program – Tweaks Rewards & Adds “Challenges”

Promises more ways to earn, More transparency, More value..

by - Monday, November 22nd, 2021 1:55

PokerStars has announced a new poker rewards program which claims to be “built with the players; richer, simpler, and more transparent”.

According to communications from the company to PokerStars affiliates, the new program, available now to players on selected licenses, has been built with player feedback and insights at its heart, and offers more value, more ways to earn, and more transparency.

More Value

PokerStars players can now earn up to 65% in rewards, made up of 25% in rewards for players in the core program, and up to an additional 40% for those who qualify for Monthly Challenges.

More ways to earn

The PokerStars community will now be rewarded for all their play across all poker games, from tournaments to cash games including high-stakes.

Players are also rewarded for all their real money activity across all our products, so includes poker, sports and casino. They will also continue to receive rewards that are personalised to their interests and types of games played.

More Transparent

The Rewards program from this regulated U.S poker site is now easier to understand;

Players will know exactly where they are at, what their targets are and what could be earned.

Levels are clearly shown with a progress bar showing how many more chests remaining to upgrade to the next level.
There are six chest levels (lowest to highest: Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Black) and each level will deliver a chest with a fixed value.

Natasha Lyndon

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