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Online Poker Freerolls – Free Real-Money Poker Tournaments

How Do Online Poker Freerolls Work?

Poker freerolls are free poker tournaments which offer prizes – usually cash, tournament tickets or other goodies.

  1. A poker room puts up a guaranteed prize amount which will represent the tournament prize-pool.
  2. A number of players will participate in the tournament.
  3. Players who cash in the tournament will get paid out according to the tournament payout table (the prizepool will be allocated to pay out the top usually ~ the top 10-15% of tournament participants, with a lot of the winnings usually going to the first place finisher.

Prizes can vary widely in freerolls. Host poker sites tend to give away a mix of cash prizes, live poker event tickets, and online poker satellite tickets.

Entry in a poker freeroll is always free

Why do people play freerolls?

Since no stake is involved by the player – they can enjoy risk free poker, learning the rules and intricacies of various poker games without spending a penny. Since real prizes can be won it’s a great way to start to build up a bankroll for online poker, to play in real-money cash games or tournaments whenever you feel “ready” and confident of the rules and hand rankings in the poker games you like to play.

Can I cash out my winnings from freerolls immediately?

Poker rooms will sometimes make you play your freeroll winnings out on the tables – wagering them a number of times, so that you generate some revenues for the poker room , known as ‘rake’. When your winnings are tournament tickets, they cannot be cashed out or exchanged for cash generally.

Which Sites offer the best online poker freerolls

Most online poker sites offer a variety of free poker tournaments including:

– Loyalty freerolls for existing customers with varying prize-pools and entry prerequisites (e.g your VIP level).
– Freeroll entry or free tournament ticket on your birthday
– Daily freerolls
– Freerolls for special events (e.g large online tournament series)

How do I know if a free poker tournament is worth playing?

To quantify the value of your seat, simply divide the number of players by prizepool.

For example to calculate your free poker tournament seat value in a $100 freeroll tournament with 20 entrants:
Seat Value= 100/20 = $5

If the same free poker tournament had 100 participants:
Seat value = 100/100= $1.

The general rule for freerolls is, the less players – the better!

What are poker freerolls passwords for?

Some poker freerolls are for set up specifically for private groups or members of communities, and in order to keep unwanted guests from participating, freeroll organizers sometimes opt to set the tournament up in such a way that a password is required in order to register in the free tournament.